The Team

Jasmine McAlpine


Jasmine was born in Thailand and has British and Thai nationalities. She studied a 3-year degree in Hospitality Management and gained experience working in hotels before joining Qatar Airways as an air hostess. She was on one of her several trips to Finland, a country she loves when the COVID-19 lockdown in Thailand prevented her from returning to Thailand. She met Belle and they decided to open Be Mine Healthy Friends together because of their passion for keto and vegan food. She is now learning to speak Finnish in order to integrate into her new home.


Belle was born in Thailand. She has lived in Finland for about 15 years. She has Thai and Finnish nationalities. She has a degree in Marketing and worked in Finnair’s Catering Department until the Covid-19 lay-offs. Like Jasmine, she has a passion for keto and vegan food, and her main hobby is to cook and to create new recipes that promote good health, especially keto low-carb food recipes.

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