Our Bowls and Cutlery

Each year billions of coconuts are harvested for coconut oil, bio-fuel, coconut water, and their tasty coconut meat, while 99% of the coconut shells are discarded and burned as waste. Because we believe in living a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, we have decided to use discarded coconuts to make our cutlery and bowls.

Our bowls and cutlery are handcrafted from coconut shells grown in Thailand. They are made entirely from sustainably grown coconuts and are the perfect, 100% natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to plastic, metal, or porcelain equivalents.

Each bowl is cut, polished, and sanded, but the shape and pattern are not altered, meaning each bowl is its own unique piece of nature. No two bowls are exactly the same shape, size, or design – exactly how nature intended it.

Each bowl is 5 cm in height. The depth is just perfect for any dish. It can be used as a breakfast bowl for cereals and porridge as well as for salads and soups. The bowl is suitable for hot and cold dishes.

Our cutlery set (spoon and fork) is also made from old coconut wood and is also perfect for replacing plastic or metal cutlery.

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