10 Health Benefits of Bael Fruit Tea

1: Management of bacteria-induced diarrhea and cholera

Bael fruit has ant-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties that help reduce diarrhea. Tannins present in bael help in fighting against the infection called shigellosis that causes diarrhea and cholera.

Young children, travelers, and people with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable to Shigella infection. Some studies suggest that consuming ripe bael may control cholera and diarrhea.

2: Good for digestion 

Bael is the best fruit for all digestive problems that have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties. Its magical juice may control gastric ulcers caused due to the imbalance of mucosa and levels of oxidative stress in the gastric tract. It also has laxative properties that prevent constipation.

3: Reduces cholesterol 

Bael juice helps in cholesterol control and also reduces blood cholesterol levels. It is a cardio-protective fruit that is rich in antioxidants that reduces the risk of heart diseases.

4: Help in diabetes management 

The bark and branches of bael are rich with a compound-Feronia gum that reduces the elevated blood glucose level. In Ayurveda, bael is an essential remedy for diabetes. Bael stimulates the pancreas and helps them to produce insulin that controls sugar levels in the blood.

5: Prevent skin infections 

Due to the presence of anti-bacterial, anti-fungus, and anti-inflammatory properties of bael, it is an excellent remedy for skin infections. Bael leaf oil inhibits common types of fungus that infect the skin. It can also be beneficial for skin rash and itchy bumps.

6: Act as a blood purifier 

It is a blood purifier because it is rich in minerals that help flush all toxins from the body. It is a natural detoxifying agent and thus, prevents kidney and liver dysfunctions.

7: Help in scurvy 

Bael is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that help control your symptoms of scurvy. Scurvy can cause a deficiency of Vitamin C in the body resulting in sore arms and legs and weakness. Bael juice is a good source of vitamins and cures this disease.

8: May reduce cancer risk 

Extract from bael fruit contains antioxidants with the ability to scavenge for free radicals. Those free radicles may be beneficial to reduce the cancer risk. The study suggests that consumption of this juice regularly prevents or cures breast cancer.

9: Immunity booster 

Bael juice is a powerhouse of vitamin C and antioxidants that boost immunity. Drinking a bael juice during monsoons will help in preventing infections due to bacteria and viruses.

10: Stimulate milk production in nursing mother 

Daily consumption of bael may stimulate the production of prolactin and corticoids. It turns to induce galactagogue action and thereby helps in improving lactation and the quality of breast milk. For good results, drink bael juice with dry ginger powder and jaggery by the infant mothers.


Bael tea has a pleasant, slightly woody taste, a distinct, smokey aroma, and a tiny hint of sourness.



  • More health benefits and nutritional information about the bael fruit can be found here: https://www.verywellfit.com/the-health-benefits-of-bael-fruit-89602
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